It can look like conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (See Multiple Sclerosis), but the symptoms generally develop differently and have different pathological expressions. The key symptoms are shaking when at rest, sluggish movements and muscle rigidity.

However, similar to MS, it is generally not known why some people get Parkinson's Disease. No distinct genetic link has been made, and even if there had, it doesn't answer the question as to when and why a disease decides to manifest itself. This is the question that homeopaths like to ask. "Why is this condition expressing itself now?" "What sparked off the body in this way?" Sometimes one can see certain factors that could be connected e.g. shock, grief and other emotional factors, head injury, effect of medications such as anti-psychotic drugs, illegal drugs or other toxic factors in the environment, or there may be no apparent cause.

A homeopath will seek to understand each individual person in treating any disease and seek to find the most exact remedy to fit the person. The prognosis for improvement depends on many factors, including the age of the patient, the length of time the condition has been active, the severity of the symptoms and also whether the patient is on conventional medication. Obviously the longer someone has had it and the more severe the symptoms, the less that homeopathy can do. However, if the condition is caught at the beginning, it may be possible to prevent the evolution of the disease and minimize the symptom expression.

Once a person is on drugs for Parkinson's Disease it is that much harder to treat. These medications are particularly strong and often have their own side effects. It can sometimes be difficult for physicians to find the right dose and/or combination of drugs to suit each patient and this must be addressed first before looking at other more complementary therapies. They can inhibit the action of homeopathic remedies from working very effectively and make it hard to evaluate the action of any remedy given. However, given the potential seriousness of this condition, attempting homeopathic treatment with an experienced practitioner is worth the effort involved and may help further deterioration.