What is Potentization

Potentization is a process where substances undergo an energetic transformation. To make something potent refers to an increase in strength and influence.

In homeopathic medicine, it refers to the making of a homeopathic remedy. This occurs by taking a substance - the original material in its natural state - and 'potentizing' it through a process of dilution and shaking (succussion). A substance is repeatedly diluted in water or alcohol in the ratio of 1:100 parts, and at each stage the dilution is shaken vigorously, either by hand or machine. This mechanism of shaking changes the process from being merely a dilution to being an energetic, "vibrational" enhancement. It is a method of liberating the "essence" of a substance from it's material form. The underlying concept that has to be recognized is that all things have an energetic vibration to them and potentization is a process of liberating and refining this essence.

In a similar way the Japanese scientist, Masuru Emoto, is exploring the affect of emotions on water molecules and which is described in his book, "The Message of Water." This was explored in the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know," showing the impact that words and emotions have "energetically" on water.

Another word that can be used in place of energy is consciousness. The basis of all holistic thinking, whether it applies to Medicine, Ecology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Pure Science or any other system of thinking, is that all things are connected. Whether we call it "Chi", "Prana" or "Vital Force", or any other word to describe the threads of energy that connect all things together, it is this energetic phenomenon that is the connecting principle.

Each substance in nature has its own signature, its unique identity, as reflected in its form, structure and function. However, whilst in its material form, the energetic (spiritual) essence cannot be fully realized. There is another level of reality that modern science has not yet acknowledged or been able to measure. However, it is not far away when we will be able to see and measure this quality of energy, and a new paradigm of understanding will be achieved. We will be able to see how specific emotions and thoughts affect the body and how the whole of nature, including the human race, is connected to all other things through the energetic vibrational level of reality.

This is the implication of the process of potentization, a scientifically controversial idea, but one which has been verified countless times in the prism of human experience.