by Massimo Mangialavori and Hans Zwemke

This book attempts to explore the world of spider remedies and to distinguish the differences between the following remedies: Tarentula hispanica, Mygale lasiodora, Aranea diadema, Theridion curassavicum, Lactrodectus mactans and Buthus australis.

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by Peter Fraser

This book explores the possible themes that could be attributable to an AIDS miasm, and the remedies that may address this miasm.

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By Randall Neustaedter

Randall Neustaedter wrote the first edition of the Vaccine Guide in 1996. This new edition follows the same structure as the first but also includes significantly new information on new and old vaccines, and has more research into vaccine effects. He includes important information on the smallpox and anthrax vaccines, the flu vaccine, vaccines for international travel, as well as the increasing scientific evidence that is connecting degenerative and auto-immune diseases to vaccines.

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Some recent studies have shown a link between Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and the use of antibiotics. Although acute antibiotic associated diarrhea is well known, these studies have shown a connection between short-term use of antibiotics and more persistent irritable bowel symptoms. This may give many people an answer as to why they may be afflicted with IBS symptoms, even months after taking a single course of antibiotics. In one study, the most frequent antibiotic given was amoxicillin, the most common antibiotic used and the one most often given to children for ear infections.

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One of the most common medical treatments being given today is forms of hormone replacement therapy for women going through and after the menopause. One of the most important reasons for this treatment is the prevention of osteoporosis, a deterioration in the quality and strength of bones due to hormonal changes during this time. Another reason advocating this therapy is for the prevention of heart disease. The therapy has become so popular now that doctors often advocate it without any clinical reasons to do so, merely as a preventative treatment.

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I have written on this subject before, but a recent report published in the medical journal JAMA on February 13, 2002, has concluded that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increases risk for breast cancer. In the study mentioned, investigators evaluated whether risk for HRT-associated breast cancer differs by histological type (area of breast affected). The results showed that risk for breast cancer was 60% to 85% higher in women who used oral estrogen alone or together with progestin during 5 years before their diagnoses than it was in those who never had used HRT.

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An example of medical intervention gone wrong?

In the last two months, there have been revelations in the media on the problems of long-term hormone therapy use. A new study that tracked thousands of women for nearly twenty years revealed that women who took estrogen were, on average, 1 1/2 times more likely to develop ovarian cancer. That risk increased dramatically the longer the women took the medicine. Women who took estrogen for 20 years or more were three times more likely to develop ovarian cancer than those who did not take the pills.

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Much attention has been given to reducing fat from one's diet, as if it is the number one menace to our health. Heart disease, high cholesterol and being overweight have all been attributed to a large extent to the amount of fat in our diet. However, is this the whole picture?

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Another year passes with holidays and festivities to be enjoyed. All the effort that has gone into maintaining one's physique and fitnesswill be threatened by a few days of relaxation and good food.

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An article in the November-December 2001 issue of Mother Jones has investigated the growth of fish farms in North America, especially in the Pacific North West of Canada, about 250 miles north of Vancouver.

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We live in complicated times. Especially for those of us living in urban areas we have little knowledge of where our food is coming from. We buy it in supermarkets, a combination of "fresh" food and the many variety of packaged foods.

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Agriculture has had many evolutions through the ages in man's attempt to develop and refine methods of growing food. This has been a constant battle in which various forces including the weather and a whole variety of microbial and larger pests have destroyed vasts amounts of agricultural produce.

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Well, it's happened. The meat industry has now been given permission to irradiate beef and other meat as a means of killing potentially deadly bacteria, insuring a safer product. There have been numerous incidences over the years of poisonings due to bad meat, some with fatal consequences.

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One of the most important foods for life is milk. Mothers milk is the first food for all mammals and humans have also been drinking the milk of other animals for thousands of years. Cows milk is by far the most commonly consumed milk after mothers milk.

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There has been much debate recently about the amount of protein we need to eat in our diet. Theories such the "The Zone" diet have become very popular, following on from the "Atkins Diet"and others that advocate eating much higher levels of protein.

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Eating fats is essential for our health. However, most of us eat the wrong kind of fat. It is generally thought that no more than 20% of our total calories should come in the form of fat. However, in the USA, Britain and much of Western Europe the average is around 40%.

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Last year, I wrote about the potential risks of eating fish from the ocean. Whilst being an enjoyable and easy option as a source of protein, even for those who profess to being basically vegetarian, the question of the risks of eating ocean fish has become more of an issue in recent years.

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Many people are becoming concerned about the quality of our food. From genetically modified foods, to the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones and now radiation, our food has been altered in many ways. There is yet one more important item in the equation - plastic.

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The worlds population has always experienced flu epidemics. Each year in winter, certain strains of flu affect populations throughout the world with some years having much more serious strains than others. The famous Spanish flu epidemic of 1919 killed 40 million people.

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An article in the November issue of Working Mother discusses the research and ideas behind using the birth control pill to totally suppress menstrual periods. The normal procedure has been to take the pill for 21 days, and then have 7 days without, allowing for bleeding to take place, a kind of artificial menstrual period.

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There are so many products available today that promise so many benefits that it is very difficult to know what is good, and how much of what is good is actually good for you.

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How many people now own a cell phone. Apparently, more than 90 million people have accounts in the US today. In europe cell phones have been popular for years. Nokia, a company making cell phones is based in Finland.

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its history and development

The First World War was the first time that biological weapons were used on an extensive level in war. The use of mustard gas was one of the many terrible aspects of that war, which killed and maimed thousands of soldiers on both sides.

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What exactly is consciousness? According to Websters Dictionary, the term conscious denotes 1. an awareness of ones own existence, sensations and environment, or capable of thought, will or perception, or, awake. 2. Subjectively perceived. 3. Deliberate.

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We live in uncertain times. Since 9/11, the country has been thrown into a great sense of insecurity and fear. When we are faced with fear individually or collectively - it tends to bring out a variety of responses. We can get frozen in the headlights of fear and feel paralyzed to act.

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For many years now, fluoride has been known to help prevent tooth decay. It has been put into much of the water supply and is found in most toothpaste. However, a larger question looms as to the amount of fluoride that should be ingested.

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One of the foundations of holistic thinking is the concept of autonomy, that is, giving the body and mind the capacity to maintain health without dependence on drugs or other props. Holistic healing happens when the bodys own immune system is stimulated to cure itself, so that any treatment is both curative and preventative.

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The balance between the right to choose ones own course in life and the obligations and responsibilities to the society in which a person or group lives creates the friction that determines our laws and the relationship between private and public enterprise, government and corporate responsibility, individual freedom and social conformity.

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The fall is with us, the weather is changing, children are back at school. Now is the time when people are being told to get their flu jab. Last year, I wrote an article on flu vaccine, questioning the tendency for many people to get the vaccine, and questioning the motives of companies whose interests are only in reducing days off work.

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I thought to carry on from the topic of last month's article, in discussing the financial implications of the huge interest in natural products. I mentioned that many people are expressing concern in the quality of many "natural" products and how there is a move to regulate them and even make them available by prescription only.

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In the last few months, there have been a series of articles on the possible dangers of long distance air travel, especially for those in coach class. The health danger is in the formation of clots due to cramped seating and inactivity. These clots can form in the leg and then get dislodged and travel to the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism.

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Eating disorders are one of the most common and tragic afflictions that millions of young people face today. The statistics on the incidence of eating disorders are mind numbing.

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For those of us involved in homeopathy, we are steeped in the awareness of the bodys own healing power and we have confidence and experience in the ability of homeopathy to aid in the innate healing power of the body.

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All humans are made up mostly of water. It is key to our survival. It is a major economic and political factor of our lives in California and dominates the agendas in many other countries, most clearly seen now in the Middle East.

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Perhaps the greatest need for good health is clean water. We take for granted that we can turn our taps on and clean drinkable water will come out. This is a basic necessity of life. The greatest leap in the health of societies throughout the world has been when a clean water supply is available.

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Given the turbulent times we live in, with the cloud of fear of terrorism and apparent imminent threats to the "homeland" and on top of that the war on Iraq, the last thing we need is some kind of modern day plague, which SARS is being identified as.

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This may seem to be a strange question. No one really wants to be sick. Being healthy is very important in order to live a full life. When we become ill, it is natural that we want to just get over it and carry on our lives.

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Ordered a glass a wine with dinner and found myself think about being able to drink as many glasses as I wanted. #156  01:00

Read more: Alcohol, Food, Hunger, Thirst, Increased Desire

During the day I felt some irritability on small issues. For example the dog urinated on the carpet and I got angry (out of character) (#147 day 1)

Read more: Anger/Irritation/Impatience/Rage

Had feeling of blood and heat rushing to face, feel flush and almost breathless, pleasant feeling like when you are in love and there is that sexual romantic energy between you and someone or after an orgasm ??? came out of nowhere not directed at anyone, was sitting in clinic watching patient ??? feel very rosy but face hot and tingling especially in the center of my face ??? lasted about 1 hour. (#158 04:13:50)


Feels hot and blistered on palms of hands, eyes, face and skin.

Absolutely clear, focused m/e/p energy; clarity #253 01'00)

Great clarity early work day #253 02:00

Read more: Clarity/Dullness/Confusion

Woke feeling very unhappy with business life.

Am unable to tolerate any constriction from others. I feel that I am not being me, or the feeling that someone is limiting me or questioning me. #156 08:00

Read more: Control/Power/Aggressiveness

General sense of fragmentation ??? not aware of body except for pain; #153 15:12


No separation between mind and emotions. They both plummet together, both rise together. #153

Woke fast this morning at 6:20 am and my tailbone was burning. (#151 12:00)

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(6 provers)

She lost control at Dairy Queen and yelled at a child that was picking on her (the child's) little sister. She (the prover) thought the child was out of control. The father and children left and went outside. When the prover got her order she also went outside and the same child was again picking on her little sister. She spoke her mind to the child again and the parent (father) "got in her face".

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(Has recurring dream of going through beautiful buildings (7-8 years). Well built, lots of people walking around, I enter one side, leave other side, as if spending hours there. NOW has this dream but different, I want to it, own it, have it, then I go and buy it. #155:00:00

Read more: House/Building/Possessions

Feeling extremely fat, especially in abdomen area #148 02:07:30

Read more: Inflation/Deflation/Bloating/Flatness

At lunch we went for Chinese food, but all I could smell was an oil/gasoline smell. #148, 01:00

Read more: Petroleum Products/Uses

Woke up at 5:30 with a sharp headache in the left side of the head. Pain went away after 1 hour (#147 06:00)


Big, sharp, pressing pain under R parietal

Felt like someone was stabbing me in the back of my left knee, popilateal area, could barely stand, lasted 5 minutes #158 20:00)

Read more: Stabbing/Knives/Pain

At about 2:30 felt my energy was drained, but much better in the evening Supervisor note: Once again feeling really quiet and not animated like usual (#148 01:00)

Read more: Weakness/Exhaustion/Collapse/Paralysis

a homeopathic view of president bush and the alcoholus remedy

Is it possible to accurately assess the correct homeopathic remedy for a politician or celebrity? When teaching homeopathic materia medica we can use popular characters to example themes or archetypes of a remedy. So, given the extraordinary times we are living in, it would seem appropriate to try and evaluate the remedy of the President of the United States.

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It is sometimes interesting to understand individuals and events in the context of homeopathic remedy pictures. Although it can tend to create generalizations, our knowledge of remedy pictures can be useful to give a perspective on the actions and behavior of certain people.

Read more: A Homeopathic View on the Middle East Conflict

We have all wondered why homeopathy is not a more popular form of medicine. Even taking into consideration our own prejudices, homeopathy is one of the most effective medical therapies being practiced. From treating serious pathology and acute infectious illnesses, to the subtlest levels of psychological evolution, homeopathy has a potential answer. Therefore, why isnt it practiced successfully on every street corner? Have we explored all the answers to this?

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Science or Fiction and its relevance for a new flu epidemic.

The question of the effectiveness of homeopathy as a prophylactice treatment has been debated since the beginning of homeopathy. Hahnemann himself advocated it and even tried to market Belladonna as a specific prophylaxis and treatment for scarlet fever, with mixed results. The most documented effectiveness of homeopathic prophylaxis perhaps is in the use of Variolinum against smallpox.

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Homeopathy has perhaps much in common with jazz music. They both have structures to them that give context and definition to their application and both have artistic expression that reveals an individuals ability and interpretation of the form.

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The current situation

Although homeopathy has seen a huge increase in popularity in North America in the last 30 years, it is still relatively unknown amongst the majority of the population. Not only does it have to compete with conventional medicine but also with a huge number of alternative systems of medicine, some of which experience far more popularity than homeopathy. In general, homeopathy is much more accepted and recognized in Europe than in North America. The reasons for this are complex but two main factors stand out.

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We all know what a personal and profound issue money can be. After all, it makes the world go round. As many people have stated, money is really a symbol of value. Its power is only in the perception and value that we give it. It has no intrinsic value in and of itself. Throughout the world, money is accepted as a means of exchange and a way to measure the value of goods and services. It is not the only way to measure something, but it is the most commonly used system of business relationship.

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Many of the cases that homeopaths see today include a strong psychological component. In the last 20 years, Homeopathy has advanced largely through developing and refining our understanding of the mental images of remedies. This development has expanded the number of remedies used and allowed us to interpret cases more precisely.

Read more: Notes on the Mental and Emotional Symptoms

Saccharum offcinarum is one of those remedies that remains somewhat elusive in homeopathic Materia Medica. It has never enjoyed the kind of prominence of many "constitutional" remedies, mainly seen as one of the more interesting yet unusual remedies. However, given its ubiquity in the world as a condiment and its essential relationship to biological function, it perhaps deserves a broader use.

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Remedy source:

The remedy was made up by Helios Pharmacy of Tunbridge Wells, England, using a piece of dried leaf of Nicotiana rustica. The substance is freely available and was bought on line at the website It can be smoked like any other form of tobacco.

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Hahnemann's description of the substance he used indicates that it was not a refined substance but simply crude petroleum taken from the ground: "This product of the interior of the earth is extremely strong in smell, taste and medicinal effect. For medicinal use it ought to be very fluid and of light - yellow colour. If it is very fluid it is not very likely that it has been adulterated with fat vegetable oils."


Botany - The Pacific Yew

Taxusbrevifolia is a species of Yew tree native to western North America. It is commonly referred to as the Western Yew, Pacific Yew or Montana Yew. The Pacific Yew, like other forms of yew, belongs to the botanical family Taxaceae, which is a small family with one main genus

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I am writing this on October 18, so by the time you read this, who knows what else is going to happen.

Read more: Anthrax: What Is It All About

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle of June 2, 2002, described the new policies regarding smallpox research being enacted by the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC). The CDC is devoting one of its two maximum-containment laboratories to smallpox-only research for the foreseeable future. This is an extraordinary new policy and reflects the serious nature of the threat that the government thinks smallpox may have in the event of a terrorist attack using the smallpox virus as a weapon.

Read more: Smallpox Facts

In the last few months English newspapers and television have been having a vigorous debate over the possible risks of the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine (known as MMR).

Read more: The Continued Controversy of Vaccination

More people than ever before are having a flu shot each year at the beginning of winter. Only a few years ago it was only recommended for elderly people and others who might be seriously affected by getting the flu. For the rest of us it was just something we may or may not get and although not pleasant, most of us recovered after a few days.

Read more: The Flu Shot

The Hepatitis B vaccine was approved for use by the FDA over 10 years ago. It is now routinely given to newborn children and is mandatory in 42 states. Each year, approximately 200,000 people in the USA catch Hepatitis B and about 5,000 people die from it, according to the Centers for Disease Controls (CDC).

Read more: The Hepatitis B Vaccine: Should We Do It?

When going to many parts of the world, it is recommended that certain vaccines are taken as a precaution against many diseases. The Center for Disease Control have a list of vaccines that are recommended before travel, but one important factor to know is that all of these vaccines, apart from one, are only recommended, not mandatory. No other vaccine apart from yellow fever is required for travel.

Read more: Travel Vaccines

There is a person in prison in Florida, who was convicted of first degree murder of his baby son and is serving a life sentence, without possibility of parole. His son died in hospital and it was determined that the father had committed aggravated child abuse on him.

Read more: Vaccination and the Government

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle of Sunday May 25, 2003 explored the fact that a growing number of parents are not getting their children vaccinated against many of the diseases that have vaccines available. The article focused on a community in the Sierra foothills, which has a high percentage of "alternative" minded people who are questioning the risks of vaccines and are willing not to have their children vaccinated.

Read more: Vaccines: The Developing Debate