By Randall Neustaedter

Randall Neustaedter wrote the first edition of the Vaccine Guide in 1996. This new edition follows the same structure as the first but also includes significantly new information on new and old vaccines, and has more research into vaccine effects. He includes important information on the smallpox and anthrax vaccines, the flu vaccine, vaccines for international travel, as well as the increasing scientific evidence that is connecting degenerative and auto-immune diseases to vaccines.

by Massimo Mangialavori and Hans Zwemke

This book attempts to explore the world of spider remedies and to distinguish the differences between the following remedies: Tarentula hispanica, Mygale lasiodora, Aranea diadema, Theridion curassavicum, Lactrodectus mactans and Buthus australis.

by Peter Fraser

This book explores the possible themes that could be attributable to an AIDS miasm, and the remedies that may address this miasm.