An article in the November-December 2001 issue of Mother Jones has investigated the growth of fish farms in North America, especially in the Pacific North West of Canada, about 250 miles north of Vancouver.

One of the most important foods for life is milk. Mothers milk is the first food for all mammals and humans have also been drinking the milk of other animals for thousands of years. Cows milk is by far the most commonly consumed milk after mothers milk.

Well, it's happened. The meat industry has now been given permission to irradiate beef and other meat as a means of killing potentially deadly bacteria, insuring a safer product. There have been numerous incidences over the years of poisonings due to bad meat, some with fatal consequences.

Last year, I wrote about the potential risks of eating fish from the ocean. Whilst being an enjoyable and easy option as a source of protein, even for those who profess to being basically vegetarian, the question of the risks of eating ocean fish has become more of an issue in recent years.

Many people are becoming concerned about the quality of our food. From genetically modified foods, to the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones and now radiation, our food has been altered in many ways. There is yet one more important item in the equation - plastic.