Perhaps the greatest need for good health is clean water. We take for granted that we can turn our taps on and clean drinkable water will come out. This is a basic necessity of life. The greatest leap in the health of societies throughout the world has been when a clean water supply is available.

All humans are made up mostly of water. It is key to our survival. It is a major economic and political factor of our lives in California and dominates the agendas in many other countries, most clearly seen now in the Middle East.

Given the turbulent times we live in, with the cloud of fear of terrorism and apparent imminent threats to the "homeland" and on top of that the war on Iraq, the last thing we need is some kind of modern day plague, which SARS is being identified as.

For those of us involved in homeopathy, we are steeped in the awareness of the bodys own healing power and we have confidence and experience in the ability of homeopathy to aid in the innate healing power of the body.

Eating disorders are one of the most common and tragic afflictions that millions of young people face today. The statistics on the incidence of eating disorders are mind numbing.