The worlds population has always experienced flu epidemics. Each year in winter, certain strains of flu affect populations throughout the world with some years having much more serious strains than others. The famous Spanish flu epidemic of 1919 killed 40 million people.

About ten years ago, a strain of flu being linked to chickens in Hong Kong led to the slaughter of millions of chickens to prevent the spread of the virus.

However, many conditions called the flu are actually due to other viruses. The flu has become a generic term for everything from a mild cold all the way to pneumonia. Many old people who are vulnerable to the flu virus actually succumb to other viruses, often RSV (another type of virus).

Another factor now is the prolific use of the flu vaccine. Originally recommended only for old people and others thought vulnerable to infection, it is now being touted as a cure -all that everybody should use, if for the only reason that it leads to less sick days and increased productivity. Precious little has been written about or researched into the possible long-term health consequences of having a vaccine that not only has a killed virus in it but also has mercury (thimerosal), aluminum and other toxic compounds. Having this substance injected into ones blood every year has to raise serious questions of its impact on our health. Ironically, it is questionable how effective the vaccine is, as each years flu mutates somewhat, leading to changes being necessary in the type of vaccine used.

Another part of the equation of epidemic "attacks" of flu and chest infections such as pneumonias may be related to the observations of "chemtrails" in the sky. Chemtrails have been written about and observed increasingly over the last 5 years and the information that follows is taken from a book called "Death in the Air" by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

In the last four years, there have been many thousands of sightings of strange trails in the sky, like the contrails left by high-flying aircraft. However, there are some crucial differences in these trails. The chemtrails are at a much lower altitude and do not disappear soon after the plane discharges it. They linger for hours and days, and can form strange patterns, at times like tic tac toe, and also like huge white blankets, obscuring the sun. These trails have been sighted throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Correspondingly, there is some evidence that many more people experienced serious flu-like and respiratory symptoms at the same time. Hospitals were suddenly inundated with emergencies, affecting both children and adults with serious cases of bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and flu-like conditions. Many of these cases were fatalities. In England, in January 1999, the BBC reported that 97,100 people in England and Wales fell ill with flu-like symptoms in a single week. 8,100 mostly elderly died from sudden severe upper respiratory ailments during the last week of December and the first two weeks of January, double the normal number of flu fatalities.

In the United States, by the end of the week ending February 13, 1999, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), reported that "deaths from influenza and pneumonia in a sampling of 122 cities were at epidemic levels for the third consecutive week." But lab tests for influenza kept coming up negative. There were similar events the following winter. The CDC "Influenza Summary Update" for the week December 12 through December 18, 1999 found that while deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza were above the epidemic threshold, only "24% of specimens tested for influenza were positive." In Los Angeles, whilst hospitals were bulging at the seams with acute flu-like and respiratory conditions, there were many sightings of "chemtrails".

One of the microbes link to the effect of chemtrails is Mycoplasma fermentans, a fungus that has already been found in anthrax vaccines that were given to Desert Storm soldiers. Further research in people who were experiencing upper respiratory infections that lingered for months found that many were found to have fungus in their blood. Also, fungal invaders can predispose people to secondary bacterial infections.

In response to citizen complaints about high-altitude chemical emissions the Air Force has admitted that pilots routinely dump fuel to lower landing weights. This fuel is highly toxic, containing known carcinogens. There is currently no evidence linking ingredients in jet fuel to peoples health, but this may be one of the factors affecting some peoples health.

Another factor involving chemtrails is how it can potentially affect the weather in regions they are found. Evidence indicates a relationship between very unusual weather patterns and incidence of chemtrails. There is also evidence that the US Air Force has been active in looking at ways to affect and control the weather by spraying chemicals into the atmosphere, attempting to create clouds and by using intense radio-frequency radio waves to heat up elements sprayed into the atmosphere. Known as the High Altitude Auroral Research Project or HAARP, the joint Navy-Air Force project is operating a transmitter near Gakon, Alaska, that can affect the temperature of the atmosphere.

Another theory put forward is that due to the consequences of global warming and the huge financial burden as a result of property damages, crop damage and insurance losses, the use of chemtrails is an attempt to alter the global temperature to help lower global temperature. Research into ways of altering temperature have been discussed for over 25 years and patents even introduced. One patent in 1991, created the technology to spray aluminum oxide particles into the atmosphere through jet fuel emissions. The aluminum oxide particles could be made small enough and be resistant to the heat of the fuel to be able to be sprayed into the atmosphere and then be able to reflect incoming sunlight. Evidence that this has already been happening came from rainwater samples taken after chemtrail spraying over Espanola, Ontario which revealed aluminum at 7 times government-permissable safe levels.

The affects of aluminum toxicity are well-known, including both mental and physical symptoms, fatigue and flu-like symptoms that may leave the body vulnerable to opportunistic infections including Mycoplasma. One theory put forward is that Aluminum in the atmosphere attract fungi, bacteria and viruses that have been found to thrive in higher levels of the atmosphere and even in space. Also, with all the amounts of electro-magnetic waves in the atmosphere today, the effect of having huge amounts of metal in the air can only magnify the impact of all these waves.

Therefore, whether chemtrails are being used as a way to control the climate or deliberately infect people with fungi and other toxic elements is open to question and necessarily requires further research.

However, the fact that these chemtrails exist and are having an impact on the health of many people is unquestioned. It is important that further research is done to evaluate why these chemtrails are occurring and the impact they are having on our health.

This article is taken primarily from Chapter 10 in the book "Death in the Air", by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. For information on this book, go to