Absolutely clear, focused m/e/p energy; clarity #253 01'00)

Great clarity early work day #253 02:00

Attended a meeting and understanding and digesting all the conversation was effortless (#147 00:02:30)

Very clear headed, focus in the moment, lots of energy the whole day #154 02:00

I was very much engaged and focused on what was being discussed. The inflow and outflow information processing was effortless and smooth. (#147 00:02:30)

Extremely focused on the project at hand. I usually get distracted easily when I have too many things on plate. Today I worked on a project for 3 hours without being distracted or thinking about anything else. My bladder was bursting but I didn't want to stop working on the project (#147 04:49:00)

Focused, concentration good, better than ever (#147 09:00

Focused, assertive, efficient and have a can-do attitude (#147 13:00:00)

Having a really hard time focusing at work. (#156 day 8)

It is really hard to teach my classes. I don't even want to be there and think that hard. It takes a lot of focus to teach and I am having a really hard time with it. (#156 day 13)

Unable to concentrate. (#156 day 33)

Still minimal saturation point. Can only study for 15 minutes at a time. #156

Spacey, sleepy and just plan grumpy > by evening (#156 day 26)

Supervisor notes: Then tonight she seems to be a little disconnected, spacey. I had to keep prompting her to tell me what has been going on and that she is not keeping as good of records as she did in previous days (#158 04:20:00)

After first dose today (9 doses by now) couldn't sit down and concentrate (#154 02:00)

Tired, run down and distracted. (#156 day 17)

Am waking up startled and disoriented to the time or what day it is. (#156 04:00)

Lingering feelings of not quite knowing what day it is. (#156 05:00:00)

Feeling I am late and need to find out what day and time it is. (#156 4:00)

When driving I am a little scary. Making wrong turns and not real aware where I am etc. (#156 08:00)

Feeling kind of lost, driving in circles, don't really mind. (#156