Am unable to tolerate any constriction from others. I feel that I am not being me, or the feeling that someone is limiting me or questioning me. #156 08:00

(Supervisor). It seems as long as she is in control things are good, but if I question her on symptoms she gets irritable. #151 13:00

I didn't feel being rushed and felt in control. Overall I was in a relaxed state of mind where I didn't get excited about surprises and was not worried about anything, especially work. I am behind in everything at work but I was not bothered by it. (#147 00:02:30)

Extremely focused on the project at hand. I usually get distracted easily when I have too many things on plate. Today I worked on a project for three hours without being distracted or thinking about anything else. My bladder was bursting but I didn't want to stop working on the project #147 02:49:00

Feel more assertive, very assertive, proactive, competitive #147 15:00

Stepped out on porch and saw large bird-believes to be a hawk ' this felt odd as we live only a block from the bay and never seen a hawk in the area ' I said to my kids look at that hawk 'What is it doing'? And at that it turned and looked directly at me and gave me this look as if it were challenging me ' like 'What are you going to do about it'? Then it sat there stalking sparrows in the bush then suddenly flew into the bush, moving quickly back and forward in branches finally emerging with baby sparrow in its talons and all the little sparrows were crying and my kids were crying and I felt very upset and angry at this bird. He just seemed cold and calculating to me, bothered me for some reason #158 02:15:30)

Got upset when got into van to drive to park, husband wanted to turn baseball game on and I wanted to turn it off, was irritated that we couldn't just have a conversation and he felt like I was being really picky and wanted to know if this was the remedy or are you always going to be like this and it made me really mad, did not want to talk to him, whole time at part, just sat by self and watched the kids, did not speak to husband, mad at him, put me into a depression after that and lasted the rest of the night - I couldn't get happy or show any expression even to the kids, could not get enthusiastic or cheerful at all. #158 17:19

If I feel that I am not being me or the feeling that someone is limiting me or questioning me, I get irritated and speak out. (#156 day 8)

Speaking my mind and causing havoc and I don't really care. (#156 day 16)

(Supervisor) Did notice P was very forceful in the beginning of the proving, almost demanding.