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She lost control at Dairy Queen and yelled at a child that was picking on her (the child's) little sister. She (the prover) thought the child was out of control. The father and children left and went outside. When the prover got her order she also went outside and the same child was again picking on her little sister. She spoke her mind to the child again and the parent (father) "got in her face".

The father was inches away from hitting her and she was laughing at him. She felt no fear or intimidation. She felt justified in her actions and comments. She was intolerant of the child's bad behavior and frustrated about the parent's ineptitude. She was not angry, but felt the child's behavior needed to be addressed and the parent was not doing this.
151 04:00

Snappy at houseguests; just felt like don't look at me or I will bite. (#149 03:65:00)

Felt fiery, face was really hot the whole drive home (about one hour) and the whole way home going through scenarios in my mind, telling him off ??(#158 04:14:30)

It is hard not to cringe when he touches me in an affectionate manner, I feel as if I am being attacked or molested, and I have told him this; he seems very lewd and lascivious to me. #158 22:00)

Dream: In a room with others, I audibly release a sound, loud though I do not realize it. Someone turns and stares angrily at me. Says I can give you a remedy for that but it is said in anger, sarcastically, hostility is evident. I know I need to leave or am told to leave. I go to another room to get bags of books. Cannot find my purse. Search wildly. Think it is in the other room, which I will not re-enter. Go outside. Want to buy coffee. Must borrow change. Man sells me a very small coffee. Other person tells me angry person needed to talk with me about something, which has nothing to do with me. Return and am confronted again by angry aggressive person moving closer and yelling at me yet smiling. It is an evil smile as it is not true. He accuses me and I am unsure what I have done though could have done something. #153

Dream: Lying on the bed with several people as one man is speaking about his new work, some new task force. Sounded very good but he kept talking and talking, wandering all over the place. His talk landed somewhere which hit me