(Has recurring dream of going through beautiful buildings (7-8 years). Well built, lots of people walking around, I enter one side, leave other side, as if spending hours there. NOW has this dream but different, I want to it, own it, have it, then I go and buy it. #155:00:00

Dream of leasing a commercial property. I was not happy about the situation. I felt unhappy when I woke up #149 08:00

I was in an apartment house similar to that of my parents. Some apartments were rented out, but somehow other people were living there, to; people my dad didn't know about. They changed the inside of the apartments. Feeling of the dream. Something unknown happened in close proximity, something with invading of boundaries. #154 01:00

Dream: In a small town. For some reason my son and I are moving there, in with my sister or on vacation. Everything is green-hills, trees. It is an ugly town. House is large and immaculate. It is not mine, and is situated on a large corner (childhood house, current apt also on a corner). My son loved being there. I would have to give up too much to stay longer than a brief time??#153 08:00

Dream. What I remember about the dreams was that there was lots of building going on building with brick and stones. And about the mortar being made to hold the stones in place. It was about the visual about the brick walls and the stone steps. #149

Dream: ??the hotel was gigantic, 10 floors height, with all these lights??could see all of the levels up and down, and rows and rows of rooms and all connected by these really steep escalators. The check in clerk was trying to explain to us how to get to our room and I was very worried that we would not find it?? #158 26:0