Ordered a glass a wine with dinner and found myself think about being able to drink as many glasses as I wanted. #156  01:00

Find that I am saying what is on my mind directly. Laughing and talking like after that first glass of champagne. Giggle and silliness. Funny things I think all the time to myself (that I would never share out loud) come rolling out. # 156 05:00

The other day my boyfriend commented that my humor is the kind that you have to think to get and if you get it, its really funny. Kind of like when I drink. With that first glass of wine or margarita my inhibition drops and I get more outgoing, funny and open with how I think and see things. I am feeling that on a regular basis. #156, 06:00
I have not had any alcohol in one week. I did not drink more than usual during the proving, just had so many symptoms that felt very alcohol like. I became repulsed by even the thought of having anything to drink. #156 39:00

3 beers in two weeks (usual 1-2 a year). #153, 15:14:00

During sleep had dream ' I was with my family (I think), in a house, time period must have been 40's or 50's, we were standing around listening to a crackling radio announcer, having drinks.
#145  00:05:15

A feeling of wanting more than normal around my needs for food #156, 00.00.

Wanting to order a huge lunch again. #156 day 4

Ordered a smoothie. Instead of the usual small, I ordered a large #156, 01:00

I made a lot of food for dinner tonight. Usually I might make 2 or 3 things. There are 5 things to pick from. #156, 04:00:00

Still observing the ideas of having more food around me during meal choices. I am not eating more just want to have lots of choices #156, 05:00:00

1-3 a.m. woke up starving, having to eat something.  #155, 10:00:00

Just got home from class and so ravenous, had to eat a snack before making dinner (do not normally have such an intense reaction ' am hungry.  #158 05:19:00

Had this hungry ravenous feeling, stomach was making loud growling noises. (Prover stated did not have breakfast but that the feeling was very noticeable) #158 09:10)

I went and ordered a pizza and could hardly stand how long it took to make it, was very impatient #158 22:16)

Ate a lot of dinner (8 pm) had 2nds and was very stuffed, felt like had over eaten (prover stated it feels different than in the past couple of weeks where she ate very little, was feeling full like could not eat (#158 22:20)

Was at laundry mat folding clothes overwhelming urge to eat again (prover stated did not actually eat, controlled self; the overwhelming urge, kept thinking about it, in the past would just go get something, but felt as if it was constantly on her mind (#158 22:22)

Went for walk and still wanting to eat something, still thinking about (#158 22:23)

It is midnight and I feel ravenous, have to fight the urge to drive to Jack in the Box really craving a taco and big coke but I force myself to go to bed instead (#158 22:24)

Had to get out of bed felt so hungry, ravenous, empty feeling in stomach (prover stated normally not hungry for hours after getting up and does not normally eat breakfast (#158 23:08)

Again have this very ravenous feeling and really want to eat something, grabbed a cookie at Walmart but it doesn't really satisfy me. I feel the need for protein like meat or cheese. #158 23:23)

Prover stated that the ravenous feeling had subsided, was before menses and was not something she usually has (#158)

Drank large quantities of ice water again today. (#151 11:00)

She was more thirsty than normal. She wanted cold water (#151 04:00)

Very thirsty for ice cold drinks (#151  21:00)

Started feeling very thirsty and had actually just drank 3 large 16 oz glasses of water in the last hour prior to going to bed ' but felt very thirsty (#158 00:12:28

Very thirsty all day long (#148 03:00