Feeling extremely fat, especially in abdomen area #148 02:07:30

Image of my belly being very large. I see Buddha with a blissful smile and large belly. My own image abdomen begins to decrease in size (eyes are closed, but with touch, mine is not enlarged). #153 00:00:24

Dream: In my dream, worry about not having a flat stomach. Then I realized why am I worrying about a flat stomach. I'm five months pregnant; I shouldn't have a flat stomach. Then in the dream I realize it (is) okay to look like this, because I'm five months pregnant and you're suppose to look this way. #148 02:00

Enlarged abdomen image (eyes are closed) returns but it is now a flattening, narrow tire as if fullness of belly is deflated. I am pulled down (emotions sink) by this realization. (In fact, abdomen/stomach did not seem to change) #153 00:00:48

Deflation of spirits ??#153

Total state of collapse. (#145 00:05:150

Sensation that body was collapsing inward, force being executed from side of airs and legs downward. (#145 00:05:15)

Like crumpled pieces of paper. (Folding in '-Supervisor note) ( 145 00:05:15)

Upon standing up felt weakness in lower back. Almost like I could collapse (#149 09:00)
Had trapped gas, stomach distended and very painful (#158 20:07)

Feel very bloated and full, do not feel hungry at all now (#158 05:19:30)

Stomach looked and is very bloated last night and this morning ' gas, cramping, flatulence . (#154 15:00

Felt bloated, full, as if need to go to bathroom -- after stool. Bloatedness a little better but still there. (#155 Day 2)

Ate a lot of dinner (8 pm) had 2nds and was very stuffed, felt like had over eaten (prover stated it feels different than in the past couple of weeks where she ate very little, was feeling full like could not eat. (#158 22:20)

Still had the bloatedness. (#155 day 4)

Bloatedness still there. (#155 Day 12-14)

Woke up with area right below ribs, abdomen area, bloated, and appears to be pooching/pushing out; feels like it is full of air, but not like trapped gas/painful, achy but pressure seems to ameliorate/ has been happening all day (Note ' approximately 7 1/2 hours.) (#158 07:08)O/S

After eating, experienced feeling of trapped gas in abdomen; abdomen was distended/felt like needed to expel gas and would have felt better if had flatulence (prover stated she had this feeling most of afternoon ' lasted approximately 3-7 pm) (#158 09:15)

Dream: 2 men standing outside of a building; I and another woman walk away from the men. I look back and see one of the men folding in on himself in depression, a flattening sadness in his eyes. He slumps forward as if weight of loss is too great. #153 00:14:30

Dream: Then I was driving a car, old falcon/mustang type thing with my daughter and her best friend in the back seat. I was driving really fast and peeling the tires around corners. Driving in the shoulders of the roads to get where I wanted to go, peeling around town. All three of us were having fun, laughing hair blowing in the wind kind of thing. Then when we got home in the driveway, I realized the two tires on the driver side were flat. Not just flat but rubber worn off from skidding. My daughter's friend said that her mom world be so mad that I had flatten(ed) the tires. I then realized the car wasn't mine and I needed to have the tires repaired. I woke up thinking about if I was going to call Auto Club or just go down to Discount Tire. I was feeling perplexed that the tires were flat even the spare was flat and that the car was so old and disintegrating. (#156 01:00)