At lunch we went for Chinese food, but all I could smell was an oil/gasoline smell. #148, 01:00

I keep smelling an oil like smell. Smells like car oil. First smelled it at restaurant on Saturday, now smell it again as I'm waking up from my nap (#148 02:05:30)

Supervisor note: She keeps smelling oily smells. Car oil or kerosene oil. Wants to say kreosotum but doesn't know (what) that smells like. (#148 02:00)

Felt as if getting a headache (half asleep/awake sleep) then realized it was because I was getting holes bored into my head; at first I thought someone is boring holes with a drill on top of my head, no wonder I have a headache, but then it seemed like it was some kind of insect boring, burrowing its way in, the holes about the circumference of a pencil and about 1' deep-there were about 10 of them in the top of my head. (#158 13:07)

Enlarged abdomen image (eyes are closed) returns but it is now a flattening, narrow tire as if fullness of belly is deflated. 153, 00:00:48

Headache top of head with diarrhea, with each expulsion the pain intensified, felt as if I was going to blow a gasket ' like the pain was shooting out the top of the head and out the bottom at same time.