Felt like someone was stabbing me in the back of my left knee, popilateal area, could barely stand, lasted 5 minutes #158 20:00)

Dream: woke in a half dream state, not sure if dream or real, had very sharp stabbing pain in left eye as if being stabbed by a knife, thought that my retina was detaching, but not alarmed by it "oh that's my retina detaching, though it was a dream, physical part felt real, was fine when woke up #158 20:00)

Dream: Husband and I sitting at dinner table and 4 year old son knocked over glass at dinner table and broke it; there was a big piece of glass stuck in his arm and when I pulled it out blood was gushing out and I yelled quick get him some arnica, gave him some arnica and stopped bleeding almost immediately but then it was weird everything changed instead of little pieces from a drinking glass being there the pieces of glass turned into a huge window pane that broke around him and they were 6 feet long, thin, triangular pieces of