Science or Fiction and its relevance for a new flu epidemic.

The question of the effectiveness of homeopathy as a prophylactice treatment has been debated since the beginning of homeopathy. Hahnemann himself advocated it and even tried to market Belladonna as a specific prophylaxis and treatment for scarlet fever, with mixed results. The most documented effectiveness of homeopathic prophylaxis perhaps is in the use of Variolinum against smallpox.

The current situation

Although homeopathy has seen a huge increase in popularity in North America in the last 30 years, it is still relatively unknown amongst the majority of the population. Not only does it have to compete with conventional medicine but also with a huge number of alternative systems of medicine, some of which experience far more popularity than homeopathy. In general, homeopathy is much more accepted and recognized in Europe than in North America. The reasons for this are complex but two main factors stand out.

Saccharum offcinarum is one of those remedies that remains somewhat elusive in homeopathic Materia Medica. It has never enjoyed the kind of prominence of many "constitutional" remedies, mainly seen as one of the more interesting yet unusual remedies. However, given its ubiquity in the world as a condiment and its essential relationship to biological function, it perhaps deserves a broader use.

We have all wondered why homeopathy is not a more popular form of medicine. Even taking into consideration our own prejudices, homeopathy is one of the most effective medical therapies being practiced. From treating serious pathology and acute infectious illnesses, to the subtlest levels of psychological evolution, homeopathy has a potential answer. Therefore, why isnt it practiced successfully on every street corner? Have we explored all the answers to this?

a homeopathic view of president bush and the alcoholus remedy

Is it possible to accurately assess the correct homeopathic remedy for a politician or celebrity? When teaching homeopathic materia medica we can use popular characters to example themes or archetypes of a remedy. So, given the extraordinary times we are living in, it would seem appropriate to try and evaluate the remedy of the President of the United States.