Hahnemann's description of the substance he used indicates that it was not a refined substance but simply crude petroleum taken from the ground: "This product of the interior of the earth is extremely strong in smell, taste and medicinal effect. For medicinal use it ought to be very fluid and of light - yellow colour. If it is very fluid it is not very likely that it has been adulterated with fat vegetable oils."


Remedy source:

The remedy was made up by Helios Pharmacy of Tunbridge Wells, England, using a piece of dried leaf of Nicotiana rustica. The substance is freely available and was bought on line at the website It can be smoked like any other form of tobacco.

Botany - The Pacific Yew

Taxusbrevifolia is a species of Yew tree native to western North America. It is commonly referred to as the Western Yew, Pacific Yew or Montana Yew. The Pacific Yew, like other forms of yew, belongs to the botanical family Taxaceae, which is a small family with one main genus