An article in the San Francisco Chronicle of June 2, 2002, described the new policies regarding smallpox research being enacted by the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC). The CDC is devoting one of its two maximum-containment laboratories to smallpox-only research for the foreseeable future. This is an extraordinary new policy and reflects the serious nature of the threat that the government thinks smallpox may have in the event of a terrorist attack using the smallpox virus as a weapon.

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle of Sunday May 25, 2003 explored the fact that a growing number of parents are not getting their children vaccinated against many of the diseases that have vaccines available. The article focused on a community in the Sierra foothills, which has a high percentage of "alternative" minded people who are questioning the risks of vaccines and are willing not to have their children vaccinated.

I am writing this on October 18, so by the time you read this, who knows what else is going to happen.

There is a person in prison in Florida, who was convicted of first degree murder of his baby son and is serving a life sentence, without possibility of parole. His son died in hospital and it was determined that the father had committed aggravated child abuse on him.

When going to many parts of the world, it is recommended that certain vaccines are taken as a precaution against many diseases. The Center for Disease Control have a list of vaccines that are recommended before travel, but one important factor to know is that all of these vaccines, apart from one, are only recommended, not mandatory. No other vaccine apart from yellow fever is required for travel.