Herpes is a very common condition, caused by one of more forms of the herpes virus. There are a number of viruses known to cause herpes, the most common ones known as Herpes 1 and Herpes 2. The first one creates the "coldsore" around the mouth, whilst the second type characteristically produces eruptions in the genital region, although other areas can be affected.

It is commonly thought that one can never get rid of the virus, that once there it is destined to stay, with periodic eruptions. Often with herpetic eruptions, especially type 2, the eruptions do return quite regularly, often exacerbated by stress. However, even if the virus does lie dormant in the body when it is not erupting, there is no reason why these eruptions have to come back. Given that we know that the body can cure itself, then it makes sense to consider that the body can maintain a higher level of health. Herpes outbreaks are often an indicator of the level of energy in the body and so if this energy can be optimized, then the tendency for eruptions can disappear. Therefore, in homeopathy, herpes can be effectively treated. As with all chronic conditions, this means treating the whole person, finding the correct remedy to stimulate the optimal health in each person.