General Health Books

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Afterwards You're a Genius by Chip Brown
Great book on the metaphysics of healing
Mirage of Health by Rene Dubos
Fascinating overview of the evolution of humanity in regards to health and nature.
Medical Nemesis, Limits to Medicine by Ivan Illitch
A critique of the political and sociological structures of medicine
When Antibiotics Fail by Marc Lappe
Analysis of the consequences of over-use of antibiotics
How to Raise a Healthy Child, in spite of your doctor by Robert Mendolsohn MD
A classic book on how to deal with childhood issues
Beyond Antibiotics, Healthier Options for Families by Schmidt, Smith and Sehnert
Alternative approaches to stimulating immunity.
Space and Time Medicine by Larry Dossey MD
An old/new view of the dynamics of healing
The Vaccine Guide by Randall Neustaedter OMD
Gives a detailed critique of modern vaccine therapy.
Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Peer-reviewed journal
A leading journal exploring alternative therapies
Shift Magazine published by IONS