Homeopathy Books

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Impossible Cure–The Promise of Homeopathy by Amy Lansky PhD
One of the most comprehensive and well-written books on homeopathy.
It also tells the story of how homeopathy cured her son of autism.
Homeopathy–Beyond Flat Earth Medicine by Timothy Dooley MD
An introductory book to homeopathic thinking
Healing Homeopathic Remedies by N Bruning and C Weinstein MD
Basic book on using homeopathic remedies (not in print)
Patient's Guide to Homeopathic Medicine by R and J Reichenberg-Ullman
Another good introductory book.
Bioenergetic Medicines East and West: Acupuncture and Homeopathy by Manning and Vanrenen
A good overview of both systems and the history of "energy" medicine
Homeopathy: The Great Riddle by R Grossinger PhD
A good explanation of homeopathy from a more anthropological point of view.
The Science of Homeopathy by George Vithoulkas
More detailed book on homeopathic philosophy
Organon of the Medical Art by Hahnemann, Edited and Annotated by Wenda Brewster O'Reilly PhD.
The classic text on homeopathy written by the founder of the homeopathic system